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Variety Cloth Nappy Bundle | 6 pack | Girls

Variety Cloth Nappy Bundle | 6 pack | Girls

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Variety bundles are a great way to expand your cloth nappy stash and test drive some new brands to find your perfect fit and absorbency

Its really common for parents to own several brands or types of nappy as bub grows, many find their needs change over time, or they have a combination of value nappies, and some more premium nappies for special occasions

This pack features 6 All in 2 nappies from 3 different brands

This pack includes

3 x Alva Baby Pocket Nappies

2 x Evia Pocket Nappies

1 x Baby Bare AI1 Nappy

 *If you'd like a different print from what is featured we are happy to switch out- just message us on Instagram or email us


How to use

- Stuff the insert inside the Nappy pocket, or snap in

- Simply adjust the rise snaps (on the front of the nappy) to alter the size according to your baby

- Ensure a snug fit around baby's waist

- Tuck the leg elastics right into the leg creases so there are no gaps

- Tuck in any excess fabric so its neat all over


Washing & Care

- Knock off or rise any solids from the nappy

- Dry pail for 1-2 days

- Pre Wash: 40-60' short wash (1hr)

- Main Wash: 40-60' Long wash (2-3hrs)

- Line dry or tumble dry (inserts only)