My Little Gumnut Large Wet Bag - Urban Jungle – Happy Tushy Co.
My Little Gumnut Wet Bag - Urban Jungle

My Little Gumnut Large Wet Bag - Urban Jungle

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My Little Gumnut have designed these beautiful and oh so useful wet bags for all the busy eco mamas out there


- These spacious wet bags are ideal for storing used nappies keeping moisture and smells out

- Ideal for the beach to store wet swimmers and towels

- Perfect for day care to reduce single use plastic bags

- Great for carrying around a few essentials rather than your bulky baby bag

- Features a handy snap strap which can attach to the pram


 *Matching swim nappy available*



- Measures 30-40 cm

- Waterproof PUL material

- Machine Washable

- 1 Large zip pocket

- Snap strap