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About us

Oh haii 👋🏼We're the new kid on the block 

Here at Happy Tushy co, we know that being a parent comes with enough trials and tribulations and diving head first into cloth nappies can be overwhelming and challenging.

We are here to create a friendly, honest and judgement free community, encouraging more parents to ‘give cloth a go’ . Our core focus is keeping cloth simple and affordable and we aim to provide all the information a parent needs to start their cloth journey with confidence.

We have shortlisted the most reliable, purse friendly and easy to use cloth nappies in the Australian market that are in line with our brand values, we will also be adding additional lines to the website as the business becomes more established.


Statistics tell us that 90% of parents are using disposables, there is a huge future for cloth nappies but it requires more work from our side to educate, empower and simplify the industry so more parents use cloth nappies as part of their routine

We want to empower millions of parents to introduce cloth in their routine, whether it’s using 1 nappy a day, part time, or full time, every little helps and we need millions of people making small changes to make a big difference. If 1 million parents used 1 nappy a day we would reduce disposable landfill by 25% ! 

Join. the Happy Tushy club and be part of the change!

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