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“I’m so excited to start using Cloth nappies”- said no Dad ever…

Sound familiar? You’re not alone Mama!

The Australian Nappy Association (ANA) reported that other halves can be one of the main challenges when ‘making the switch. Pah cheers for the support guys! 

BLOKES ARE NOT KEEN FOLKS! And this can make the switch a whole lot harder when you don’t have the full support of your plus one. Whether it's avoiding the nappy changes, refusing to get involved with the washing or perhaps just not having the same passion for reducing plastic, this negativity can dishearten a Mumma on her cloth mission and many of us have been there.

So I wanted to interview a real converted Cloth Dad who's been there and dunnit and who's not afraid to speak his mind.

Let me tell you, if this guy can do It yours can too.

Meet: Happy Tushy Baby Daddy

The non eco warrior, just living his best life and muddling through parent hood


Q. What sprung to mind when the cloth nappy subject came up?

Haha - originally, I thought it was going to a be a big towel that you wrap around the baby like the old-fashioned ones- I’d never seen or heard of Modern Cloth nappies.

Q. How did you react?

I wasn’t on board with the idea as I thought they would be a lot of work, especially the washing. I imagined a pile of brown stained towels festering in the laundry room! So I questioned a lot of things and tried to convince my partner it wasn't a good idea, but like most things she won the argument and I had to roll with it


Q. How did you go when you first started using them?

I was surprised how cute they looked after what I initially imagined- the prints and colours look great on our little guy and they act more like a disposable nappy than I thought. To be honest though to begin with I still wasn’t convinced as I wasn’t sure what to do or whether I was putting them on correctly. Disposables were still my 'go to' when I did nappy changes. (which resulted in me getting told off a few times!)

Q. So what changed?

Practise- Everything is new when you have a baby and I was just used to the old way. It didn't take long to get used to using cloth nappies- We started out just using one or two a day and then built up as we got more confident, We didn't put too much pressure on each other and always had disposables on hand for when we weren't feeling it, By a few months we were using them most the time, (we still use disposables at night). I think it helped that we didn't rush into it and gave ourselves time to get used to a new process.

Q. So how hard are they too use…honestly...?

Now that we’ve got used to using them, it’s just part of the routine.. A nappy change is a nappy change at the end of the day, nothing has really changed- you're just using a different nappy and instead of throwing it in the bin you throw it in the wash basket.

Q Tell us…how bad is the poop? Do you deal with that side of things?

Yup! We both do our share of nappy changes. The one thing that really helped in that department was using the disposable liners, the poop was mainly caught in that and then we just thew the liner in the bin. Using those was a big game changer for me and definitely made it easier..

Q. A lot of parents can be hesitant due to the cost of using Cloth nappies upfront- how have you found it financially?

When we bought the cloth nappies to begin with, we spent about $300 which felt like a lot at the time. But we then significantly reduced the amount of disposables we bought , so long tern we have been saving money . We save between $80-$100 a month, and our supermarket bill us is considerably lower. It's made me more aware of how much we used spend on  disposables when they just get thrown in the bin,

Q. What are the main positives about using Cloth nappies?

Well I'm not much of an eco warrior but you can't deny they are much less waste- the positives for us as a family is that I don't have to take out the nappy bin anymore! Trust me that was the worst part of my week. Otherwise they’re cute, and come in really handy at the beach or when he wants to run around in a nappy in summer. And the cost saving is a win too.


Q. And what about the negatives?

You do need to buy quite a lot of them to do it properly which can be an upfront cost, but we bought Alva baby Pocket nappies which were pretty cheap- (about $300 all up for a full set) I guess the other negative would be having more washing, but we seem to be doing washing every other day with a baby anyway! Overall the positives far outweigh the negatives


Q. What's your best Cloth tip ?

The disposable liners were a game changer for me! Made it so easy and much less messy ....and rubber gloves can come in handy at times - but my partner mainly deals with the dirty nappies.

Q. Are cloth nappies easier or harder than you thought?

It's hard to imagine that it would be easy but it is. I don't get too involved with the washing but i change nappies and I make sure his bag is packed with spares for daycare etc, It's a bit of teamwork but its working well for us- its certainly not difficult.

Q. Would you recommend cloth nappies to other dads?

Yes, and I already have! A few of my mates who are dads to be and I’ve already pitched the idea to them!   Its interesting seeing how many people just like me had never heard of them so I’m all for getting the word out there as there are so many benefits to using them

Well there you go folks….not so bad huh?  

It's understandable that people may not be 100% on board, but be patient, start small and work as a team and before you know it you could have a converted Cloth Dad on your hands!

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'Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try" Brian Littrell